[Travel] Visiting Odawara Castle

Odawara is small city.
It takes an hour from Yokohama Station by Tokaido Line.

I had a lunch at Odawara Bal

Nice today's special 

Fresh Fish and Seafood 

Area Map


Odawara Castel

Sacred tree Inumaki

Seikantei is very good place to take a break.
It was built in 1906 as a separate residence of the Marquis Nagashige Kuroda.
We can take a break here.


Nostalgic interior 

Nice green tea

Nice view from Seikantei

Ocean view

Statue of Soun Hojo

Uirou family was originally a drug shop, the description accompanying the euro is described as "nutrition confectionery" .
Uirou is made by steaming sugar and water mixed with rice flour and steamed.

Shopping mall

LuscaOdawara. is a shopping mall where locals gather.
It is very convenient to buy souvenirs on the way back of Odawara sightseeing.
I bought some kamaboko there.

Green car

Some Local Trains like Tokaido Line or Yokosuka Line have Green car system.
We can use Green car.
The seats are wide and comfortable. There aren't many green carriages so seats tend to be fully booked on holidays and weekends.

If you have an IC card like Suica or Pasmo, you can buy green car ticket at the ticket vending machine at the green car stop in the Suica area.

How To Buy 

Before using green cars, please buy "Suica Green Ticket" from your remaining Suica deposit (charge) balance at the ticket vending machine at the green car stop in the Suica area. This will record the available ticket information to Suica.

*There is no paper ticket.
*It is not available in cash.

You can not purchase if payment (charge) remaining amount is insufficient. With ticket vending machines in the ticket gates (home etc.), you can only deposit one thousand yen bill (charge) (except for some ticket vending machines) only when the remaining amount of Suica is less than the green fee.
*Suica green tickets for two people or more can not be purchased. If you purchase a separate green ticket, it will be overwritten and invalid.
*You can use Tokyo Monorail · Tokyo Seaside High-speed Railway Suica, PASMO · Kitaca · TOICA as well.

After getting on the green car, please touch "Suica or Mobile Suica (mobile information terminal) with green ticket information," Green ticket information reading part "above the seat to be used.

Touch Suica on "Green Ticket Information Reading Section", it changes from red (vacant) to green (seated).

When using Mobile Suica, touch Felika mark on Android terminal and feature phone, and "tip part of green ticket information reading part" on the tip part (camera side) of terminal on iPhone.

If you move the seat in the same train,  you have to touch again at the seat after the move.
If you are transferring to another train at the station, you have to touch once before you get off and touch again after "transfer".

the attendant will do the inside ticket gate, if the red lamp is lit (except purchase section, magnetic green ticket is used) or standing.

Using Green Car Suica System

If you read English, I highly recommend this site.

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