Beyond Galapagosatization

The Japanese Apps market is said to be Galapagosization

The following images are the ranking of applications in each country.
When you look at this, you can see that it is quite different between Japan and English speaking countries.
China is quite unique, but let me leave it a bit.

Recent Japanese are said to be inward.
There are not a few people who look to overseas, but they are not majority.


Ranking by AppGraphy

Several weeks have passed since I started studying Unity.
I downloaded and tried Japanese games and overseas games, but overseas games have a clean design overall.
On the other hand, Japanese game design is not simple.
Moreover, it seems that there are many systems called gacha in Japanese games.
Besides the application market, the conversion to Galapagos in Japan is remarkable, but I think that the possibility will be expanded if I target the target to the entire world.
Besides acquiring application development skills, I would like to overcome the low English ability.

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