OMOTENASHI? New ticket vending machines in Tokyo

New ticket vending machines in Tokyo

In Tokyo, along with the increase of tourists from abroad, the new ticket vending machines has appeared in order to buy a subway ticket more easily.

 Toei Subway (Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and Tokyo Metro(the Tokyo subway), assuming the use of such foreign visitors, announced that it has developed a better user-friendly "next generation automatic ticket vending machine". Than 25 days, it has started trial operation at the Toei Oedo Line "Tochōmae Station" (Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-chome No. 8 No. 1).

In the next generation automatic ticket vending machines, and revamped the traditional user interface, design, and improved operability. In addition, larger than the traditional 15 inches, it adopted a high-resolution display of 32 inches on the operation screen.

The ticket of the purchase method, in addition you can choose to find a station name by the prediction conversion, or select from the route map that covers all of the station of Toei Metro, and attractions such as a lot of foreign tourists Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree It is also possible to or select from. If you looked at the sights, not only to view the ride route to the destination station, also further display schematic view from the arrival station to the tourist attractions of purpose.
Trial period is scheduled for the end of March. English, Chinese (Simplified), and corresponds to the three languages ​​of Japanese, also available in the IC card.

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