The Secret of Japanese vending machine

I've heard of people who come to Japan think why we set vending machines everywhere in the street.

The vending machine has attracted attention on the side of salaried workers, that inquiry has been flooded as "at home before the parking lot to free space and ownership want to install a vending machine."

If you want to sell the most typical drink, benefits of a single drink is about 30-40 yen. 4,000 yen if Urere 100 pieces a day, this is the sales of about ¥ 120,000 if accustomed to one month. Although it is why the electricity bill is applied as monthly expenses, if there is this much of sales, even subtracting the electric bill will enough revenue. However, it does not even mean that always sell if vending machines. So, actually I do I contact where and when it is considered to be trying to set up a vending machine?

One is the business district. Two is near the school. Three is the location, such as vending machines are lined up in a row.

Does it make sense?

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