You should drink if you find in Japan

In Japan, there are many kind of healthy beverages. I really recomend them.
You can buy them at a convenience store or supermarket.

1.Lipovitan feel

Because of non- caffeine , you can take before sleep.
It uses xylitol in sweetness and it is only18kcal calories.
It is safe even during the postpartum diet . Since diet Even requires physical strength , it will rather become a strong ally of the energy metabolism .

2.Alinamin R-off

This is non- caffeine. It is 2kcal. You can take before sleep . Various vitamins and active ingredient will help the recovery from fatigue while relaxing in the lavender and grapefruit aroma .
Time effect of energy drinks begin to appear 30 minutes to 1 hour , effect duration is said to 3-6 hours .
So you should take this one hour before sleep.

3.Soy milk

This Kikkooman(KIBUN) soy milk is the most famous one of the Japanese soy milk.
There are so many kind of taste, but I like this plain soy milk.

3.Almond milk

I like this. This is a Japanese beverage manufacturers product .
It tastes sweet, kind of delicate.
You can get it at the big supermarket.
You might not get this at a convenience store .

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