Rip-off? The issue of Tokyo Olympics emblem of 2020

In Japan, it has raised in the plagiarism allegations of Tokyo Olympics emblem of 2020.
A problem that has been pointed out that similar to the design office of the work

A Belgian-based designer claimed that the Tokyo emblem closely resembles a logo he created for a theater in Belgium 2 years ago.
He said he is considering legal action.

Plus, Another doubt has come Tokyo Olympics emblem.
It appears to use the same colors as a design created in Spain. The Spanish design was used for wallpaper for smartphones, and to solicit donations for restoring areas devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.

Kenjiro Sano, who designed the emblem commented  "I do not know at all about the overseas work. I never get from the origin when I create the design".

What do you think about that?

Voices in Japan:

Did he came up with the excuse?  I wonder if meeting with lawyers was over. 

Well, if such excuse is valid, we may very possible any plagiarism. 

This is a pattern of excuse that should not be doing most.  > I do not know at all about the overseas work.

"I do not know at all"
This is a large issue. 

I think the guy's end and with another designer.
Or wonder if he survive in the connection.

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