History of Kokugikan
Ryogoku Kokugikan, facilities for the sumo of the box office in Sumida-ku, Tokyo Yokoami chome.

The current building, which has been used since January 1985 where (new Kokugikan) is the second generation. It was built in JNR bus parking night park (formerly the two countries Freight Station site). New Kokugikan the ground the second floor, the first floor underground. The total construction cost 15 billion yen (all I financed with no debt).

Previous Kokugikan was in the precincts of Honjo EKOIN along the Keiyo road.

June 1906 start of construction, completed in May 1909.
Opening ceremony was held in June 2.

New Kokugikan was conducted Kansei opening ceremony on January 15, 1920.
But it burned down again by the Kanto Earthquake of September 1, 1923.

1944 during the Pacific War, is requisitioned to Imperial Japanese Army in February of January spring sumo tournament as the last, it has been used as a factory of the balloon bombs.

March 10, 1945, by the Tokyo air raid or even burned.
The same year October 26 after defeat is requisitioned again by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (GHQ), it has been renamed, renovated as Memorial Hall.

And in November 1946 the location of the operation once the renovation, 35th yokozuna after the end of November location Futabayama retired showcase became the last of the box office in the former Kokugikan.

Recently it has been used as a venue such as professional boxing or wrestling ring. From 1992 every year in addition to Robot-Sumo will be held, ninth concert of Kokugikan 5,000 are performed every year in February.
It is going to be a boxing competition venue in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

"Chanko" means the home cooking to make the wrestlers in sumo room.
We usually say Chanko as "Chanko nabe (Chanko pot)".
Chanko nabe is healthy menu. Because we can eat boiled vegetables and mushrooms, tofu, meat enters fish.

Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Yokoami Sumida-ku, Tokyo. 3-minute walk from JR Ryogoku Station, is located next to the Kokugikan.

The height of the ground segment is about 62m, it is almost the same as the tower of the Edo Castle.

I recommend the permanent exhibition. Because there is not crowded.
After watching, you can enjoy the tea in the Japanese-style cafe on the first floor.

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