I went to duty free shops in Akihabara

I wanted to go to LAOX whrere is popular in Chinese as a duty free store since I watched a TV news last month.
I visited there today and was surprised at the huge number of Chinese .

We Japanese usually don't go such shops in Japan.

The News said that Chinese tourists pay money in Japan about 200,000yen to 400,000yen. It is more than 2,400dollars.
The average monthly income of Shanghai citizens who are the highest income in China is 3241 yuan ( about ¥ 61,700 ) , Beijing citizen was 3109 yuan ( about 59,160 yen ) .

Can you do that they consume during your trip four times of monthly income ?
I can't.

Anyway I am happy that they are satisfied with the quality of Japanese products .

History of Akihabara as the electric town

After the end of the World War 2, by the lack of suppliesthe, black market (located in Kanda-Sudacho district) sold vacuum tubes and radio parts for electric school students.
In 1949, "Akihabara radio store" and "Akihabara radio center" opened.

Along with the high growth era of the 1960s, stores of the household electrical appliance including the refrigerator, TV and a washing machine increased and built the status.
Hundreds of electronics stores gathered near the under elevated train tracks.
It became the electric Town of groups today .

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